Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend trip at Los Angeles (2)

Finally we reach our hotel at five, the hotel room is very spacious, unlike in Hong Kong where it is so cramp. The Fridge is not like the tiny mini ones, its about the size of our normal household size. Then I went online to check for updates on Twinkle. I wanna know that Twinkle is ok if not i will keep on worrying about Twinkle. Got a email from the host family and am glad to know that twinkle is coping well in the house and is enjoying herself. Then I check online to see if there is any event going on nearby, as it was 4th of July. There will be fireworks at around Long beach area, so off we went to Long Beach for some fireworks

When we reach Long Beach, it was so lovely, then i realized that it has been quite a while since we have been to the beach, there is no beach in Arizona, only desert. So its so nice and relaxing to be at Long Beach, we saw quite a number of dogs, there is this area that is a dog area, for them to run around without lease. Then i thought of Twinkle, could have brought here there if she came with us. We walk around the area, waiting for the fireworks to start, then we thought of having dinner first. We went to this restaurant that looks nice, but we were told that we got to wait for an hour as they are packed. We cant wait if not we would have missed the fireworks. So instead we went to the supermaket and get some sandwhiches to eat while watching the fireworks. The fireworks is actually quite far away, not like in Singapore. So its quite small. Hehe. But there were really fireworks everywhere. So many events going on at different places. Where we turn to our opposite side, we can also see fireworks. but they are all tiny. Haha. Nevertheless, it was a great night. Watching fireworks at the beach is nice.

I got to go cook already. Will update again on our trip to Disneyland! :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Weekend Trip to LA!

On the 4th of July, we are set out for our trip for LA,we got to wake up super early. About five plus we began our journey. We started of with breakfast at Mac. Still Singapore breakfast taste nicer. I ate sausage Mc Muffin, but Singapore one is tastier. I miss Singapore's food so much. Then we started our super long Journey to Desert Hill, which is a Factory Outlet, at California. It took us nearly four hours just to reach there. As it is 4th of July, a Holiday, they have summer sales. So things are a lot cheaper. Its the second factory outlet that we went, and it was so much bigger than the one we went in Arizona. The Cheapest thing that I bought is a Gap tank top which only cost US$1.50, can you believe it? Haha, so Cheap. Their sales are really good. I bought a similar top at the first outlet when i first came here. It cost about US$10 then. The sales here is crazy. We shop till about mid-afternoon then we got to go already, if not we will reach the hotel very late, and we have not even shopped finish yet! The place is too big. Then we continue our journey to our Hotel, about another 2 more hours to go. So much time spent traveling. There was this freeway where we keep on seeing mountains and valley and the road is not straight. Quite scary and exciting. Its like the roads that you see in racing game like that. Hehe.

Geez, some problems with loading the other pics, will continue another day. :)