Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yeah! My Dear dear is coming back from Canada after two weeks! He will be coming home tomorrow at night. So poor thing, after the plane touch down, still got to stay back and work. :( But most probably he will have Monday off. Yeah, then at least we will still have our weekend, if not we only left one day, as sat is totally burned already.

We had a lovely supper the day before he left for Canada. Our favourite chocolate fondue! Yummy Yummy, with chips, bread, mashmellow and fruits for dipping. It was fantastic, completed with a bottle of white wine. But I could only have one glass. I only took a sip I think and my whole face was red already. Haha. We could not finish the bottle of Wine, but we managed to finish the fondue, which we thought was quite a bit initially. Yeah. Desserts for me anytime man! We Love Chocolate!

My dear dear actually bought flowers for me on that day, which is totally unexpecected. Hehe, so sweet of him. :) Yeah, now that he is going to be back, I will have motivation to cook nice nice food again. Haha, or should I say experiments? Hehe. Yeah, cant wait for tomorrow to come. :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

This is Twinkle's favourite hobby! Haha. Looking out of the window! She is just so adorable. She loves looking at the scenery outside and watching all the cars go past. Hehe, and whenever any strangers walk past. She will keep on barking at them, which sometimes scares me, especially at night, but when she barks at least I am aware that someone is nearby.

Now, whenever we are going out and she knows that she can't go, she will straight away climb onto the sofa and look out of the window to say good bye to us. :) Then we will walk past the window to say goodbye to her. Once we are out of sight already, then she will start barking, so poor thing. :(

Now, I have a tentacy to briefly look at our window whenever I drive past our house to see if Twinkle is there looking out. Which is kinda dangerous, but i cant help it. Hee. Cant help looking at my darling. BUt only when there is no other cars already. Twinkle is getting more "guai" already. Usually, after bringing her for her weekly walks, I will bath her after that. In Singapore and initially over here, she don't like to bath, I have to go and catch her to bring her to the toilet, but last week after her walk she actually come to the bathroom herself as she knows that its time for her bath without me carrying her to the bathroom. She will stand near the bathtub waiting for me to bath her.

Then yesterday after her walk, she shocked me. Lol. She stand near the bathtub waiting for me to bath her, then I saw her actually jump inside the bathtub herself! Wah! I never knew a dog could do that. Haha. Lol. Its like jumping into a big hold. I find it very amazing, specially for Twinkle! Guess she is beginning to like bathing more and more. Haha.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Yeah. Today we went swimming for the first time. So shiok! Its so relaxing. Just a few steps away to the swimming pool. It is not very big though, not as big as I expected it to big. Haha. Then in the middle of the pool is 5 feet high. I am only 5.18 Feet tall. Haha. So if I am to stand on two feet on the bottom of the pool, half of my face will disappear. Haha. I am so short. :( It was hot and cold throughout this swimming experience. Haha. We went to the Jacuzzi at first and the water is super hot. Woah, burning. So got to go in slowly. Until we cant take i anymore, then we went to the normal swimming pool. Haha. It was cold when we went in cos of the differences in temperature. haha. So in and out we went. From Hot to cold and to Hot. When we came out of the pool and the wind blows, it was super cold! Until we are dried, then we lay back and relax to sun tan. Its so relaxing. Just like we are on a Holiday. Haha. The ones in the Photo with me are my new found friends, Shirley in the Centre and Eunice on the right (She lives just opposite me). Without our husbands by our side now, while they are in Canada and working, we got to depend and support each other already. During these two weeks, We spent almost everyday together, planning things to do, trying to keep ourselves occupied. Luckily for them, if not my days over here will be so boring. We cant wait for these two weeks to end, as we miss our husband so much!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

We saw Chilli Cheese Fries at Carls Junior. We should have known better to expect that it would be spicy. Haha. It wasn't even spicy and chessy at all. Guess what it taste like? To me, it taste like spagetti sauce. Hmmm.. So disappointing. I miss KFC Cheese Fries so much. Yummy yummy. The KFC over here don't have cheese fries. :( Singapore fast food is so much better! Although it originated from US. Even Popeye taste nicer in Singapore. :( Guess Singapore cater to our taste more. I miss mac nuggets with curry sauces. :( No curry sauce here. There is A&W here though, but i have yet to try. One good thing is that they have french toast over here at BK for breakfast, which i used to love in Singapore until they took it off the menu. But the hash brown over here is so oily. Not nice. :( I miss Singapore's Food! Can only get to eat again after two years. :(

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Finally, I am able to upload this photo. Took me so many days to upload this, and finally it works. Haha. Yeah. This is our new car! and I got a good news. I got my license already. :) Haha. It only took two days. Its so fast to learn driving here. The first day i learn driving was so scary. We drove around the neighbour hood area and was going 35 miles/hr. I thought its super fast already and feel a bit hard to control, then we learn turning, and changing lanes. The most scary part was changing lanes where I have to look at the mirror and check blind spots and all that. I was so nervous that when I check the mirror, I was just checking for the sake of checking, I don't even know what i was looking at. That was so dangerous, Hehe.

The second day of learning was much better, I was able to breath much better. Haha, althought we had to travel a lot further. I drove for about 45 mins before we reach ABC Driving School then the instructor guide me the route for the road test, then after that she told me to practise, but that was actually the test itself, and then I got my license already. Amazing right. So fast. When I got back, I was so tired and my whole arms was aching as I was holding the steering wheel so tightly. I still need to practise a lot more to drive better.

Today my Dear Dear went for his detachment at Canada, and I will be alone with Twinkle for two weeks. Gee, then today I drove out to the nearest store with two of my friends to shop. We cant stand staying at home the whole day during the weekends. It was kinda scary because two of us just got our license not long ago and one without license. Hehe. It was so stressful, must make sure we stay safe. Need more practise to get better. :)