Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we invited some friends over to celebrate christmas. Really satisfied with the table setting. Very western style. The food that you see in the photo are the soup and appetizers. Quite a lot of things to cook, but with the help of the wives, we managed to have a very nice christmas dinner. The christmas over here is different from Singapore. Their Christmas is like our Chinese New Year like that. No where is open on Christmas day except casino and movie theatre. Even macdonald is close. There are no count down parties that i know of, not like singapore. You see people everywhere. Over here, families gather together to have dinner.

Friday, November 21, 2008

MY first Halloween Party! (2)

These are the people and creatures in the Halloween party. Hehe. Lets see. We have Mickey and Minnie, Witch, Angel, Dark Fairy, Pirate, Chef and my beloved Vampire. Haha. Oh, and Princess Twinkle. She wore a princess hat on that day, but did not catch it in photo, cos she keep on taking it off. Hehe. We had a lovely dinner, with really yummy curry with bread, chicken wings, nuggets, fries, pizza, salad, ending it off with ice-cream buffet. By the time we started eating, everyone was starving already. Haha. Cos waiting for my husband to change and put on his "make up" after he reach home from work.

After dinner, we split into two groups to play games. One group played wii and the other group play pictionary. I was playing wii and i was looking at them play pictionary, it looks very fun! They were acting it out. Wish I was in the other group, lol, cos I can guess what was the answer most of the time, when my dear dear was acting. Think we would score really well if we were on the same team. Too bad we were playing different games. In the end, my dear dear's team (with teng tong) lost to Linda and Jessica and they got to do forfeit. Haha. They got to dance with each other, so funny. Teng tong is so shy, dun dare to dance. By the time the party is over, it was very late le, still got to clean up before we could go to bed. It was tiring, but really fun!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My First Halloween Party!

Yeah, I had always wanted to attend a Halloween Party or organize one ever since I was a kid. I read storybook and watch TV about Halloween before and I always thought that its so fun. You can pretend to be someone else. You get to dress up, or get to look terrifying without anyone looking weirdly at you. Its a day to let loose and have a bit of fun. I think its the most fun for kids, as they get to treat or tricks. They will be able to get so many candies, which I think they could never finish.

I never get a chance to celebrate halloween in Singapore as there are nothing much going on, except for clubbing. Over here in US, there are so many things to do, you will see a lot of costumes for you to choose from, and they are not too expensive too. All the spooky decorations available, so I really can't resist not holding a party. I would only get a chance to do it when I am here, where supplies are readily available.

We spend the previous day decorating our house, with spider web, black light and pumkins. The whole effect is really nice. :) Am really satisfied with it. Hehe. We had a spider hiding in the toilet to scare people, which is activated by loud sound, but it was not successful. It did not managed to scare anyone due to twinkle's barking. Haha. Before they go to the toilet, they already know there is something going on in the toilet as there is sound when it is activated. Haha. Twinkle lor. So noisy.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Coach Bags

Bought these Coach Bags during my trip to LA. If anyone is interesting in the bags, do let me know, I will send you with more details. If anyone wants to buy any particular design, just send me a picture of it, and I will keep a lookout for you. :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Fireworks at Disneyland is the best I have ever seen!!! The fireworks together with the music is just amazing. There are so many different themes, with the fireworks according to the music. The lights of the castle is ever-changing. It is a truly magical moment. It lasted for quite long too. I think about half an hour. Its quite hard to get a good spot too, as a lot of people has been there to book a space for the fireworks quite a long time beforehand. If you guys ever come to Disneyland, the fireworks is really not to be missed.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weendend trip to Los Angeles (4)

It would be so fun to come Disneyland as a child, you can pretend to be anyone that you want. There are so many princesses dresses to choice from for the kids and you can be a fairytale princess for the day. Too bad i have grown up already, just wore this hat for fun for a while only. Haha.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend trip at Los Angeles (3)

On our Second day, its Disneyland's time! Before we set out for Disneyland, we had breakfast at our hotel, Lemon Tree. We had some cereal and yogurt.

The drive to Disneyland is only about five mins away, the parking system over here is quite amazing, as there is so many ppl, its like you have to queue to park, there will be someone directing you where to park. The parking lot is neatly packed with cars. So the car in front of you will be parked next to you. Its so systematic. But the parking is quite expensive. After which we took a tram to the entrance of Disneyland. Look at the cap that my Dear Dear is wearing, its a CK cap that we bought at Desert Hill. It only last for a few hours. Hehe. Entering into Disneyland, we explored around, its so huge. We went on our first ride in Disneyland. Its like those flight simulator, Dear Dear put his cap on his knee, then at the end of the ride, it was nowhere to be found. we tried to search for it, but could not find it, then we got to exit fast, as the next group of people are coming to take the ride. Its gone just like that. So fast. Later on during the day, we bought another cap that is also nice, 'the grumpy cap'.

Look, my ears are about just as big as Jumbo.

Lunch Time! The food here is so good! Yummy Yummy! The style is abit like food court, where is self service, but the food is really amazing. I think its the tastiest food i have taste since i reach US. We had pasta and salad. The portion is so big. Luckily we only took one pasta to share and we already ate till very full.

There are lots of shops in Disneyland, and almost everyone of them has something that is different from the other shops, so its not like everything is the same, unlike universal world in australia. We had lots of fun exploring the shops and trying out all the stuffs there. like this super big hat that the whole face can go it. My Dear Dear look so funny in that.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend trip at Los Angeles (2)

Finally we reach our hotel at five, the hotel room is very spacious, unlike in Hong Kong where it is so cramp. The Fridge is not like the tiny mini ones, its about the size of our normal household size. Then I went online to check for updates on Twinkle. I wanna know that Twinkle is ok if not i will keep on worrying about Twinkle. Got a email from the host family and am glad to know that twinkle is coping well in the house and is enjoying herself. Then I check online to see if there is any event going on nearby, as it was 4th of July. There will be fireworks at around Long beach area, so off we went to Long Beach for some fireworks

When we reach Long Beach, it was so lovely, then i realized that it has been quite a while since we have been to the beach, there is no beach in Arizona, only desert. So its so nice and relaxing to be at Long Beach, we saw quite a number of dogs, there is this area that is a dog area, for them to run around without lease. Then i thought of Twinkle, could have brought here there if she came with us. We walk around the area, waiting for the fireworks to start, then we thought of having dinner first. We went to this restaurant that looks nice, but we were told that we got to wait for an hour as they are packed. We cant wait if not we would have missed the fireworks. So instead we went to the supermaket and get some sandwhiches to eat while watching the fireworks. The fireworks is actually quite far away, not like in Singapore. So its quite small. Hehe. But there were really fireworks everywhere. So many events going on at different places. Where we turn to our opposite side, we can also see fireworks. but they are all tiny. Haha. Nevertheless, it was a great night. Watching fireworks at the beach is nice.

I got to go cook already. Will update again on our trip to Disneyland! :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Weekend Trip to LA!

On the 4th of July, we are set out for our trip for LA,we got to wake up super early. About five plus we began our journey. We started of with breakfast at Mac. Still Singapore breakfast taste nicer. I ate sausage Mc Muffin, but Singapore one is tastier. I miss Singapore's food so much. Then we started our super long Journey to Desert Hill, which is a Factory Outlet, at California. It took us nearly four hours just to reach there. As it is 4th of July, a Holiday, they have summer sales. So things are a lot cheaper. Its the second factory outlet that we went, and it was so much bigger than the one we went in Arizona. The Cheapest thing that I bought is a Gap tank top which only cost US$1.50, can you believe it? Haha, so Cheap. Their sales are really good. I bought a similar top at the first outlet when i first came here. It cost about US$10 then. The sales here is crazy. We shop till about mid-afternoon then we got to go already, if not we will reach the hotel very late, and we have not even shopped finish yet! The place is too big. Then we continue our journey to our Hotel, about another 2 more hours to go. So much time spent traveling. There was this freeway where we keep on seeing mountains and valley and the road is not straight. Quite scary and exciting. Its like the roads that you see in racing game like that. Hehe.

Geez, some problems with loading the other pics, will continue another day. :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Gift

Yeah, my first Coach item. :) When Dear came back from Canada, he bought a gift for me. :) It was a Coach Wallet. I like it. :) Once we went to a Coach Store and I saw this wallet and i liked it. It is my favourite color. Purple! :) I liked the buckle. It was too expensive, so I did not get it, although Dear asked me to get it. Its much cheaper over here compared to singapore, but I still felt that it was quite expensive, I have not bought something so expensive b4, anyway was really happy to recieve the gift from dear dear. :) Now I got a really nice wallet. :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

The before and after look of Twinkle's gromming. Hehe. :) Today we brought Twinkle to the grommer. Her fur is too long already and its about time she got a haircut. :) I had to take longer time to dry her hair now that its longer and her hair is covering her eyes, so cannot see her cute face clearly. Its her first time going to the Grommer. In Singapore, she was always grommed by us. We were told that it will take about four hours. Thats really long compared to Singapore. Then my husband and me decided to catch a movie while waiting for Twinkle. Half way into the show, my phone rang. I answered the phone but speak very softly. The person did not say anthing much. I have no idea who it was and was afraid if its the grommer and I got worried about Twinkle.

So after the movie, we went to check on Twinkle. She was nowhere to be found. The grommer says Twinkle is ok and she did not call me. Then we heard Twinkle's barking. Think she saw us and started barking. Then we say her. She was inside one of the cage waiting for her turn to get her haircut. After we had lunch and visited the bookstore, its about time to fetch Twinkle. We saw her in the cage waiting for us to fetch her. She looks different. We had to go to the register to pay first. Then as I turn around to go back to the Gromming Salon. Twinkle was out already with dear dear! She looks so cute. They even tied two ribbons on her hair! Haha. So unexpected and nice. :) I think they put purple ribbons to match her collar and lease too. Hehe. So nice. :) She was all clean up, hair neatly done, nails clipped, tooth brushed clean and her fur is so soft. Haha. Love it, but got to get used to it though. She had a teddy bear head cut as they called it in the receipt. So cute! Her body's fur is short and her head and tail's fur is long. Haha. Now she looks not as fat as when her fur is long. Haha.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yeah! My Dear dear is coming back from Canada after two weeks! He will be coming home tomorrow at night. So poor thing, after the plane touch down, still got to stay back and work. :( But most probably he will have Monday off. Yeah, then at least we will still have our weekend, if not we only left one day, as sat is totally burned already.

We had a lovely supper the day before he left for Canada. Our favourite chocolate fondue! Yummy Yummy, with chips, bread, mashmellow and fruits for dipping. It was fantastic, completed with a bottle of white wine. But I could only have one glass. I only took a sip I think and my whole face was red already. Haha. We could not finish the bottle of Wine, but we managed to finish the fondue, which we thought was quite a bit initially. Yeah. Desserts for me anytime man! We Love Chocolate!

My dear dear actually bought flowers for me on that day, which is totally unexpecected. Hehe, so sweet of him. :) Yeah, now that he is going to be back, I will have motivation to cook nice nice food again. Haha, or should I say experiments? Hehe. Yeah, cant wait for tomorrow to come. :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

This is Twinkle's favourite hobby! Haha. Looking out of the window! She is just so adorable. She loves looking at the scenery outside and watching all the cars go past. Hehe, and whenever any strangers walk past. She will keep on barking at them, which sometimes scares me, especially at night, but when she barks at least I am aware that someone is nearby.

Now, whenever we are going out and she knows that she can't go, she will straight away climb onto the sofa and look out of the window to say good bye to us. :) Then we will walk past the window to say goodbye to her. Once we are out of sight already, then she will start barking, so poor thing. :(

Now, I have a tentacy to briefly look at our window whenever I drive past our house to see if Twinkle is there looking out. Which is kinda dangerous, but i cant help it. Hee. Cant help looking at my darling. BUt only when there is no other cars already. Twinkle is getting more "guai" already. Usually, after bringing her for her weekly walks, I will bath her after that. In Singapore and initially over here, she don't like to bath, I have to go and catch her to bring her to the toilet, but last week after her walk she actually come to the bathroom herself as she knows that its time for her bath without me carrying her to the bathroom. She will stand near the bathtub waiting for me to bath her.

Then yesterday after her walk, she shocked me. Lol. She stand near the bathtub waiting for me to bath her, then I saw her actually jump inside the bathtub herself! Wah! I never knew a dog could do that. Haha. Lol. Its like jumping into a big hold. I find it very amazing, specially for Twinkle! Guess she is beginning to like bathing more and more. Haha.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Yeah. Today we went swimming for the first time. So shiok! Its so relaxing. Just a few steps away to the swimming pool. It is not very big though, not as big as I expected it to big. Haha. Then in the middle of the pool is 5 feet high. I am only 5.18 Feet tall. Haha. So if I am to stand on two feet on the bottom of the pool, half of my face will disappear. Haha. I am so short. :( It was hot and cold throughout this swimming experience. Haha. We went to the Jacuzzi at first and the water is super hot. Woah, burning. So got to go in slowly. Until we cant take i anymore, then we went to the normal swimming pool. Haha. It was cold when we went in cos of the differences in temperature. haha. So in and out we went. From Hot to cold and to Hot. When we came out of the pool and the wind blows, it was super cold! Until we are dried, then we lay back and relax to sun tan. Its so relaxing. Just like we are on a Holiday. Haha. The ones in the Photo with me are my new found friends, Shirley in the Centre and Eunice on the right (She lives just opposite me). Without our husbands by our side now, while they are in Canada and working, we got to depend and support each other already. During these two weeks, We spent almost everyday together, planning things to do, trying to keep ourselves occupied. Luckily for them, if not my days over here will be so boring. We cant wait for these two weeks to end, as we miss our husband so much!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

We saw Chilli Cheese Fries at Carls Junior. We should have known better to expect that it would be spicy. Haha. It wasn't even spicy and chessy at all. Guess what it taste like? To me, it taste like spagetti sauce. Hmmm.. So disappointing. I miss KFC Cheese Fries so much. Yummy yummy. The KFC over here don't have cheese fries. :( Singapore fast food is so much better! Although it originated from US. Even Popeye taste nicer in Singapore. :( Guess Singapore cater to our taste more. I miss mac nuggets with curry sauces. :( No curry sauce here. There is A&W here though, but i have yet to try. One good thing is that they have french toast over here at BK for breakfast, which i used to love in Singapore until they took it off the menu. But the hash brown over here is so oily. Not nice. :( I miss Singapore's Food! Can only get to eat again after two years. :(

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Finally, I am able to upload this photo. Took me so many days to upload this, and finally it works. Haha. Yeah. This is our new car! and I got a good news. I got my license already. :) Haha. It only took two days. Its so fast to learn driving here. The first day i learn driving was so scary. We drove around the neighbour hood area and was going 35 miles/hr. I thought its super fast already and feel a bit hard to control, then we learn turning, and changing lanes. The most scary part was changing lanes where I have to look at the mirror and check blind spots and all that. I was so nervous that when I check the mirror, I was just checking for the sake of checking, I don't even know what i was looking at. That was so dangerous, Hehe.

The second day of learning was much better, I was able to breath much better. Haha, althought we had to travel a lot further. I drove for about 45 mins before we reach ABC Driving School then the instructor guide me the route for the road test, then after that she told me to practise, but that was actually the test itself, and then I got my license already. Amazing right. So fast. When I got back, I was so tired and my whole arms was aching as I was holding the steering wheel so tightly. I still need to practise a lot more to drive better.

Today my Dear Dear went for his detachment at Canada, and I will be alone with Twinkle for two weeks. Gee, then today I drove out to the nearest store with two of my friends to shop. We cant stand staying at home the whole day during the weekends. It was kinda scary because two of us just got our license not long ago and one without license. Hehe. It was so stressful, must make sure we stay safe. Need more practise to get better. :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yeah. Doesn't Twinkle look so cute in this tiny top? Haha. Just bought this beautiful top to keep her warm when she is cold. But its kinda small. She is too fat now to fit nicely into it. Guess now I need to stop thinking that Twinkle is still small. Next time need to buy large for her.

She is still as naughty as ever. There was this time I just went out for a while to throw the rubbish. When I come back, she is not at the door as usual to wait for me to come back. Then I quickly went to check on her, afraid that something happen to her or what. Then I saw her with her mouth dirty. She overturned the bin while I was away. Luckily just a bit of stuffs came out. Don't know what she ate also. Maybe carrots as her mouth is like orange in color.

Oh, Then there was this time she ate Steak lor! She naughty naughty, cant resist food. That greedy gal. Haha. Hehe, We bought steak that is microwavable, then I don't like it. There is lots of prepared food over here that just need to microwave. The first week we are here we just eat microwavable food or pizza that needs to be baked, cos our shipment has not arrived yet. It was terrible. Any way, the steak is not nice, so i threw it away. And then I forgot to keep the bin while I went to visit my neighbours. When I came back, the bin is overturned and the steak is gone! So thats her dinner already. So much meat! Hehe. Then just gave her a bit of her dog food.

Oh Yeah, then there is a good news, Yesterday my husband, Edwin, took the driving lesson, then today took the road test, and he passed it! Yeah. He got his license already. After he came back from passing the test, the GPS that we ordered was delivered. Yeah, Its so great, everything came together. Then the owner of the car that we are interested in finally gives him a car and arranged to meet on this Sat to test drive and everything. Hopefully we will be able to get that car, as there are other people who are interested also. Cant wait to get a car, then can finally go out on our own. Don't want to depend on other people anymore. We can go where ever we wanna go once we got a car. Then I can practise driving when we got a car. So exciting. Can't wait!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Its been about two weeks plus since i have been here in Arizona. We have more or less settled down already.

Now we are anxiously waiting for our shipment to arrive! Cant wait for all the yummy stuffs and Chilli that we had shipped over to arrive.

Its quite boring now as I am stuck in the house. Without a car here, you really can't get anywhere. We got to quickly get a license and a car soon!
We just passed our basic theory test last sat. Now we just had to learn the practical and passed it. Plus with a car, we will have freedom! We can go everywhere we wanna go and can start exploring. Now during the weekends we usually will have to buy groceries to top up our fridge and go wherever his friends are going.

Two days ago, a friend just took us out to practice and to teach us driving skills. Its Fun, Exciting and stressful and the same time. It's the first time I moved a car! Haha. Lol. We practice at a parking lot just practicing turning around. Hehe. Cant wait to explore Arizona.