Friday, November 21, 2008

MY first Halloween Party! (2)

These are the people and creatures in the Halloween party. Hehe. Lets see. We have Mickey and Minnie, Witch, Angel, Dark Fairy, Pirate, Chef and my beloved Vampire. Haha. Oh, and Princess Twinkle. She wore a princess hat on that day, but did not catch it in photo, cos she keep on taking it off. Hehe. We had a lovely dinner, with really yummy curry with bread, chicken wings, nuggets, fries, pizza, salad, ending it off with ice-cream buffet. By the time we started eating, everyone was starving already. Haha. Cos waiting for my husband to change and put on his "make up" after he reach home from work.

After dinner, we split into two groups to play games. One group played wii and the other group play pictionary. I was playing wii and i was looking at them play pictionary, it looks very fun! They were acting it out. Wish I was in the other group, lol, cos I can guess what was the answer most of the time, when my dear dear was acting. Think we would score really well if we were on the same team. Too bad we were playing different games. In the end, my dear dear's team (with teng tong) lost to Linda and Jessica and they got to do forfeit. Haha. They got to dance with each other, so funny. Teng tong is so shy, dun dare to dance. By the time the party is over, it was very late le, still got to clean up before we could go to bed. It was tiring, but really fun!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My First Halloween Party!

Yeah, I had always wanted to attend a Halloween Party or organize one ever since I was a kid. I read storybook and watch TV about Halloween before and I always thought that its so fun. You can pretend to be someone else. You get to dress up, or get to look terrifying without anyone looking weirdly at you. Its a day to let loose and have a bit of fun. I think its the most fun for kids, as they get to treat or tricks. They will be able to get so many candies, which I think they could never finish.

I never get a chance to celebrate halloween in Singapore as there are nothing much going on, except for clubbing. Over here in US, there are so many things to do, you will see a lot of costumes for you to choose from, and they are not too expensive too. All the spooky decorations available, so I really can't resist not holding a party. I would only get a chance to do it when I am here, where supplies are readily available.

We spend the previous day decorating our house, with spider web, black light and pumkins. The whole effect is really nice. :) Am really satisfied with it. Hehe. We had a spider hiding in the toilet to scare people, which is activated by loud sound, but it was not successful. It did not managed to scare anyone due to twinkle's barking. Haha. Before they go to the toilet, they already know there is something going on in the toilet as there is sound when it is activated. Haha. Twinkle lor. So noisy.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Coach Bags

Bought these Coach Bags during my trip to LA. If anyone is interesting in the bags, do let me know, I will send you with more details. If anyone wants to buy any particular design, just send me a picture of it, and I will keep a lookout for you. :)