Friday, June 4, 2010

Store Closing Sale!

In preparation for the birth of my baby girl and the move back to Singapore, I have decided to close my shop for the time being. Everything in the store is reduced to $2. Visit for some great shopping. Thank you for looking and your support. Have fun shopping!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bath and Art!

Can you believe this is a body polish? It looks so yummy!!! How about some Apple Cinnamon Crisp Sugar and Oatmeal Body Polish by battysbath that smells so good to make your body soft and silky? You would be able to get these goodies from Battysbath's store. This sweet smelling dessert bath polish is made with two naturally exfoliating ingredients - Sugar and Oatmeal. I love how Battysbath uses natural ingredients and is earth friendly. There is really some yummy goodness in there. Yum. I shall go find something to eat after this.

As you can see, I am a lover of fine food, especially dessert. This art print really caught my eyes. What's better than a cup of coffee or tea to enjoy with a plate of dessert. This art prints spells modern and relaxation for me. I can totally imagine this art print in my little corner in my future house where I enjoy a drink and dessert to relax. This art print is available from Licorice Prints.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5 More Weeks to Go!

Really, where did the time go? I have about five more weeks before meeting my baby girl. Gosh, time pass so fast. I am currently at 34 weeks. Look at how much my belly have grown! I love taking photos every week to see how the growth process. Although, my belly is growing, it is still considered small. It might be due to genetics, we shall see. I really hope my baby is growing well. I have an growth scan next week to check on baby's growth, and really hope she is right on track. I just went for my doctor's appointment today. I will have another appointment in another two weeks, and after that will be every week, as the day is coming. Wow. Before I know it, I would have Baby Sheris in my arms. :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Favorite Jewelry!!!

Anyone who knows me knows I love butterflies. When I saw brianarose's shop, I could not help falling in love with it. This pink butterfly necklace is my favorite. It is so dainty and pretty! Butterflies are something that I can't resist, and I want to get this jewelry for myself! Sadly to say, I don't think I can wear much Jewelry now, with my baby girl on the way. Besides necklace, Brianarose also have butterfly hair clips, which are just as beautiful. When my baby girl is older, I can get some for her and for me. Hehe. Wouldn't that be cute?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

At Last. I Get to Rest for a While.

This photo was taken at 29 Weeks. My belly is growing. I am currently at 33 weeks. Where did the time go? Yeah. I finally finished this term. This was the most difficult term I had. The classes that I had chosen to take was so difficult. I really wish I would pass the two classes. If I am not able to pass, I might not be able to finish my degree before I go back to Singapore. :( Well, good or bad results, I am so glad that it is over for now. This means I can start preparing for my little girl to come. Now, it's time to pack the hospital bag and wash baby girl's clothes. There are so many clothes to wash. Haha. I think we bought a little too much though. They are too cute to resist.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arts and Pets!

I love love this art print by SimplyCutebyKarin. I can see this print in my baby's nursery room (that is if I have a nursery room). Sadly, my house won't be ready in another one or two years. I love the colors. It is so clean and bright. It will make any room seems cheery. If you look at her shop, you will find lots of prints with dogs and cats in it, and the shop says so much about her. It is just so homely, especially Cute Girl and Yellow Dog Art Print. I love how the print says so much about the artist. It just makes it so much more fun. The artist has two Labrador retrievers and one sassy cat. That explains the cats and dogs in the prints. Her labrador eats soap, how weird and cute. Haha. My Maltese loves to eat my Lipbalm, so I always have to make sure I don't keep it lying around, or I will need to get a new one the next day.

This Dog Jacket from ShopKCQ is so sweet! I love the colors and the Jacket looks so comfortable. I am sure my dog, Twinkle, would look so pretty and sweet in this jacket. This cute wool jacket is made entirely from vintage kimono fabrics imported from Japan. This is what I found out about the dog in the picture. "Udon is an adopted scruffy, mischievous Toy Poodle who loves to wreak havoc and then cuddle afterward". Her name is Udon, how cute! She modeled so perfectly.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Great News!

Yeah. I passed my 3 hour glucose test!!! It's really a huge sense of relief. Another thing that I found out was that I am not anemic anymore. Yeah! Now I don't need to take any iron supplement. I was anemic during earlier on in my pregnancy, and had to take iron supplement. I only took a some of it, and I wanted to make sure that if I was still anemic, I would want to make sure that I am taking those iron supplements. Well, the good news is I am normal! Yeah. Lol. My baby is growing well and I still love feeling her move. I am amazed that I am already at 29 weeks. Oh, in the photo, I was at 26 weeks (sorry, I am 3 weeks behind in uploading photos). So fast! In another 11 weeks, I will be meeting my baby girl. Oh, speaking of that, I just made an appointment this coming saturday for my 4d ultrasound. I can't wait to see her!!! I want to see her moving, and see how her features is like. If she looks like mummy or daddy. Haha.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

No calls Yet.

An update for my glucose test. I had not received any calls yet, so I guess I can say that I am 80% safe. My doctor's appointment is tomorrow, and I will know for sure by then. Praying that I will get good news.

Monday, April 5, 2010

3 Hour Glucose Test

I just took my 3 hour glucose test this morning. I was so afraid that this was going to happen. I failed my one hour test last week, and I am really hoping that I will pass this time, because it would mean that I have gestational diabetes if I fail. :( That would make me so miserable. I don't want to poke myself with needles. I hate needles. I can't even look when the nurse draw blood from me. I just look away, I am really scared of needles and blood. I got poke four times today, as they had to draw blood before I drink the glucose drink and three times every hour after that. The process was not as bad as I imagine it to be, and the lady today was very nice. Let's hope that I don't receive any phone calls this week from them, and I will be safe.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Regretted taking Spanish class.

I did not know that the spanish class that I took this term is so difficult. I totally regretted taking it. My grades are so poor now and I got to spend so much time on it. Learning Spanish in 8 weeks online just seems so impossible. I have to know the grammar, write in respond to the question, understand what what the person is saying and reply back orally. I am going crazy studying this. I really just hope I can pass. I am not even halfway through yet, and I feel like I am not going to make it. This is so bad.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

27 Weeks Today!

I know I have been missing for a really long time. In october, I discovered that I was pregnant, and my husband and I are really excited to meet our baby girl. The first trimester of my pregnancy was terrible, as I had morning sickness. That is the worst feeling ever. The worst is I still have to go for my classes, and have to get through the class without vomiting or anything like that. It was really hard to control, but I am glad to say vomiting did not happen in class. I was constantly tired, sometimes I feel like I don't even have any energy to talk. That semester, I missed quite a number of classes, and I am really glad I took most of my classes in person instead of online, as the work load of in person classes is not as heavy. The photo above is taken when I was at 21 weeks. You could not really see much of a belly at that time, and people would not believe that I am pregnant at that point. My baby girl knows how to hide very well.

This photo was taken when I was 24 weeks. It is amazing to look back at the photos and see how my my belly had grown. Time had passed so fast that I can't believe it that in another 3 months or less I will be holding my baby girl in my arms. I am so not prepared. I wish time would pass by slower, and I really don't know how I am going to study at the same time too. I guess I will make it through somehow one way or another.