Thursday, October 8, 2009


I finally had time to blog after my last paper today! This week's focus will be on Accessories, based on your choice.

This lovely coin purse caught by eyes. I love the sweet fabric on the purse and it looks just too cute to resist. I love all things tiny, and this is just right for me. This coin purse would really prevent my wallet from bursting. By putting all your coins in this coin purse, it will be easier to get your coins out for your payment, so that you will not collect one big bag of coins. This is so pretty to carry around that I would want to use it all the time. You can get this purse from LittlePrettIings. I was also pleasantly surprise that LittlePrettlings is from Singapore too, as I am a Singaporean too! I miss home, and I am glad my sister is here to visit to bring me a piece of home for a while. My sister is here to visit me with her boyfriend. Now that I had finished my exam, we will be going for tour this weekend, just in time for Columbus Day! Yeah. Time to spend money again. Next week she will fly back from Vegas. Looking forward to it. A few more days.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jewelry, Art, and Paper Goods!

How elegant is this bangle bracelet? This is a bangle bracelet that I would wear to attend a wedding dinner, or any other formal events. This bracelet will compliment your outfit. It is sweet and dainty. It is also perfect as a gift for that sweet friend of yours. It is also available in 18k gold vermeil pricing upon request. This elegant bangle bracelet is from WhiteFly. They carry a wide variety of jewelry: rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklace. Previous to opening a shop at Etsy, WhiteFly had work as a Senior Jewelry Designer for several years.

Wow. I am loving this bird art from mamapainter. Look at the texture of the tree trunk. It feels like the texture of a real tree trunk. It is very artistic and modern. I definitely can see it in my future house. The sculpted tree is covered in silver leaf and aged to perfection. The birds are made from assorted, altered, craft papers and ephemera. Authentic, German glass glitter embellishes the hat. As you can see here. There are a lot of detail in this piece of art, which makes it really interesting to look at.

Green is the new in! I love environmentally friendly stuffs. I especially love the fact that greeting cards can have a life of it's own. Flowery Greetings carry a line of plantable cards. A card is not just a card anymore, you can now plant it, and watch it bloom into a flower. Planting instructions are included on the back of the card. How cool is that? It will also be a tiny step towards making the earth a better place for you and me. I also happen to know that Flowery Greetings' Birthday is this sat, two days after mine. :) Happy Birthday Flowery Greetings! Have a wonderful celebration!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Florida Vacation Day 3

This was the day I was waiting for! Cruise! The Beach and the Sea! I love it. It was the first day of the seven day cruise. Seven days might seem long for some, but these seven days are the highlight of my holiday. I had never been on a cruise before. It was my first time, and I was so excited. Yeah, off to the Caribbean Sea. I was delighted to be near the sea, I love the sound and the color of waves, it is so soothing and calm. Living in Arizona, its been some time since I've been near the beach, and I was so happy to go on a cruise, to the most beautiful beaches in the world.

We watch the cruise set off, and went to explore the rest of the cruise after that. We wonder around the place, getting to know the place. It was confusing at first, with so many floors and facilities. Soon we got used to it. Every night there is Show Time, a entertainment brought to us by the cruise. During the first day of the performance, I could say that I was not really impressed with the dance. I might be, after watching So You Think You Can Dance, my expectation had increased. I Love watching So You Think You Can Dance, how I wish I could dance like them.

After Show Time, it was dinner time. There were specific timing to go for dinner, and we choose the late timing. A table was already reserved for us. We had our own table, server throughout the cruise. Dinner was a three course meal, it was a long time ago since I had eaten good food. Dinner was just fabulous. Yummy, and satisfying. I am just so happy that I don't have any housework to do, food to cook or assignments to rush. I can just relax the whole day away. It feels so good.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weekly Feature!

Starting from next week, I will be doing a weekly feature of your choice. Yes! You get to decide. On the right side you will see a poll that asked you what do you like to see feature. At the end of the poll, I will based on the result, and source for my favorites in that categories and feature them, so that you will be able to enjoy them. Enjoy voting!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gypsy is on my wish list!

This new gypsy by provo craft is amazing. It basically lets you design on the go, which is great for me. :) I can't wait to get my hands on this newly released item. They are launching it on September 24th starting at 12am on HSN. What's exciting is that the cutting above blog have two brand new gypsy to giveaway. I sure hope I will be the lucky winner.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Florida Vacation!!!

The highlight of the second day of our Florida vacation is shopping and a lobster feast dinner. The main goal of the day's shopping is to buy more shorts and skirts, so that I can wear those on the cruise. I am not going to wear jeans when I am on the beach, and it was so hot and sunny. It will be crazy to wear those. After shopping, we meet Linda and Jia Min for dinner. They actually came to florida a few days earlier than us, and we decided to meet for dinner. We went to Boston Lobster Feast for buffet. It was expensive. Around $35 per person. I am not really a seafood person, and I eat really slow, so buffet is not so suitable for me. Haha. I would say that it is not really worth it to eat there. The food is average, I find only the fried scallop is nice. Yummy. But I would not go there again. I could eat something really nice with that amount of money.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Florida Vacation!!!

I had so much fun during my Florida trip, especially the cruise to the Caribbean! The first day was really tiring, as we only slept for about one hour plus. That's the least I had ever slept. My husband, Edwin, worked until about 2am in the morning, and we need to leave our house at six in the morning to catch the plane. I was thinking we do not need to sleep at all already, as I am afraid that I will not wake up if I fall asleep. Haha. At four plus in the morning, we just could not stand it anymore, and decided to went to sleep. Surprisingly on the way to the airport, with only so little sleep, I did not feel as tired as I thought I would be. I was excited to see the Caribbean island. I was really more excited to go on the cruise than Disney World.

When we arrived at Florida, visually it was so different from Arizona, as we saw from the top, on the plane. Florida is full of greenery. Huge area of land are covered with trees, it was so refreshing to see so many greenery. Arizona being a desert, is mostly brown visually. Florida kinda reminded me of Singapore, with trees along the highways, and complicated roads. The weather is also pretty similar to Singapore. It was hot and humid! But I think that Florida is more humid. Being the monsoon season, it rained almost everyday. We went to get an umbrella to prepare for the rain, we do not own an umbrella in Arizona, as it rarely rain here, even so it only last for a while, so an Umbrella is not really necessary in Arizona.

On the day we arrived at Florida, it was National Cheesecake Day, and Cheesecake Factory is having 50% off all their cheesecake. We just could not resist desserts. Cheesecake!!! Thus, we went Cheesecake Factory for dinner, and guess what? We had to wait for one hour before we could get a seat! With the special deal, I guess it really attracted a lot of people. Having come all the way here, we just waited to get a seat. I find the food at Arizona's Cheesecake Factory taste better. After dinner we were just too full, and we had our cheesecake to go (take away). Yummy!!! Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake!!! The thought of it makes me drool. Being such a long trip, and fun experience. Please wait for the next installment of my vacation. Hehe.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dog House Gift Box!

I found this wonderful Dog House Gift Box on Etsy, handmade by FayeHubele. It is such a cute gift or favor box, to put our doggie's beloved treats. I hope someone hold a doggie's birthday party soon, so that I have a reason to buy this gift box. Haha. It's just so adorable, hmm.. Or I could use them as favors box for next year Twinkle's birthday party. Hehe. Won't that be so nice. I love beautiful packaging.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Element @ Vegas

Element @ Vegas is amazing, there is even a kitchen. Look at the design, it is so modern and nice. This is just the kitchen, the bathroom is very nicely designed too. Everything is very modern and chic in this hotel. There is even wii for the guest to play in the lounge area. The most important thing is that it allows pets! Which means we can bring twinkle to Vegas! :) I just can't bear to part with her. The breakfast is one of the best I had so far in the States, or maybe cos we are staying in a better hotel. They provide hot breakfast items, pancakes, sausage, scramble eggs. Delicious. There are three types of juices to choose from, cereals, muffins and smoothie. Dalphane told me there are even burgers, but we probably did not wake up early enough to see that. Haha.

On the first morning at Elements, we experience an false alarm at Element. Haha. It was an interesting and kinda stupid experience. Haha. We were awoke in the morning by a very loud irritating sound. I was wondering what is it, still in a blur state of mind, as I was still half asleep. Then my husband told me that it was the fire alarm. Then we quickly took twinkle and went out of the room. We quickly went down the hallway and went in the direction of the stairs, I was thinking why not take the lift as it was nearer, then my husband say "in case of fire, do not take the lift." So clever. :) So we went down the stairs, and there was already a lot of people waiting there. We just waited there for our friends to come down too and to see what's going on.

After about ten mins, a cue was given that everything is fine and we could go back to our room. So i asked the hotel staff is it a false alarm. Guess what was the cause of the fire alarm? A Toaster! Wahhaha. So funny and stupid at the same time. Someone had put butter to toast together with the bread, and caused smoke to come out of the toaster. We went back to our room to get much need rest, and just before the breakfast end, we went for breakfast, and guess what. The toaster is "out of order". Lol.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Featured on My Handmade Registry!

Wow, I can't believe it! What a great way to start the day! My Love Card is featured on the front page of Can you imagine my card is on someone's wishlist? Wow. So cool and exciting. Haha. It is still there now. Go take a look. On this website, you can register for Handmade Wishlist to send to your friends and family for special occasions and events. How cool is that! So that you will be able to "hint hint" to your friends and family what you want. Now that exam is over. I will be adding more items to my shop, so keep a look out! :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yeah! Freedom!

Yeah. Freedom. My weekends are back, no more spending it to do homework. Now I can relax and go out! I just finished my english paper today. The final exam is to write a five paragraph argumentative essay, and the topic is "Flag Burning". It is such a difficult topic, although research materials are provided, it is still not easy. We do not know much about the law in America, and thus reading about their First Amendment and Constitution takes up more time, as I need more time to digest the materials. A while into the finals, still reading the materials, our instructor told us that we need to evacuate out of the building, due to a chemical spill. I thought she is kidding, never would I expect this would happen when they brief us about safety on our first day. Plus, it happened in the middle of our finals! We had to take the stairs down out of the building and do our exam on the tables located outside. It's like so informal, no proper place to do our exam. Then the table so dirty. I dun want to place my paper on the table, so I got to put it on my lap to read it. Even the ambulance came, like so serious. After about 15 mins, we are able to go back to the building to finish the exam. It was pretty exciting. Lol. Too bad we still got to do the finals. Anyway, I am so glad it is over! Yeah. Will be free till June!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Day!

Yesterday was Earth Day! on 22nd April. It just so happened that I re-did my research for my english class and the topic that I decided on was global warming. Did anyone did something that is earth-loving would like to share? Hmm.. I guess for me is something really simple yet important as well. I am trying to minimize the energy wasted, I would switch off the lights when I am not using. It might sound simple, but it is a conscience choice to make. I had learnt some interesting things during my research that would help the earth. These includes: Walk or bike for transportation, as they don't generate CO2. I guess that does not really apply in singapore. Beef actually generates 11 times more greenhouse gases than chicken and 100 times more than carrots. mooo... Buy locally grown and organic foods if you can, as it save energy used for fertilizer, pesticides, transportation, and storage. Make your next car a high-milage model and drive less by carpooling or taking public transportation. Switch to Energy Star appliances.

Here are some beautiful handmade items that are made from recycled materials, you might want to check it out: (Twilight inspired pendent made from scrabble tiles.) (Oh my god, a ring made from a typewriter key, so amazing.) (For those who likes to sew, this is so lovely)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

PaperPixieCreations's Shop

You must be wondering what is PaperPixieCreations! That is my newly launched shop. I have been super busy these few weeks. Just started school a month ago. Into my fifth week now, time just pass so fast. I had been rushing datelines and datelines. So many assignments to do, its never ending. I think there is even more work to do compared to poly. In the midst of it all, I still find time to set up my store, as that is my passion. I am always in love with crafting. I love the handmade feel of things. So take a look at my store. There is a link on the right "Juliet's Store". Any feedback or custom orders will be welcome. :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentine's Day

I am not able to spend Valentine's Day this year with my Dear. He would be away in Florida for detachment. We celebrated on Valentine's Day Eve instead. We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner after his work. Yeah, I don't need to cook, can relax. Cheesecake Factory's food is well beyond cheesecakes. They have such a wide variety, and so far everything that we had tried is fantastic. We ordered an appetizer and a main course. Crab Wantan and Black pepper shrimp with Banana and rice. Their portion is too big to order too much. We ate until very full till there is no more space for cheesecake. So we order the Cheesecake To Go, which is their term for our take away. Haha. It will be reserved for supper later.

The next day, which is on Valentine's Day. :( He would be flying to Florida for two weeks plus. We woke up very early, at five plus. not enough sleep. I am going to fetch him and his friend to base. I gave him his Valentine's gift in the morning (in the pictures) which is for him to bring to Florida. I baked heart shaped cookies dipped in chocolate and mini chocolate fudge cake for him. It took me two days and I got to quickly baked before he come back to work each time, cos its meant to be a surprise. Now whenever he is hungry at night, at least he got something ready to eat. :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Twinkle's Health Scare!

When I woke up in the morning, I found the containers that I used to contain the new year goodies that me and the gals made on the floor. There is nothing left in the containers already, except for one pineapple tart. Then a sudden realization hit me. Inside the container is chocolate chip cookies, and Twinkle ate it all! I was really scared, because chocolate is really dangerous for dogs. It can even caused death. So I am really scared. I scare I will lose twinkle. Chocolate contains a chemical that is toxic for dogs, its like caffeine to them. The toxic level depends on the amount consume, type of chocolate and the weight of the dog. I quickly look up on the net for more information. I figure out that twinkle ate around 50 mini chocolate chips, as there are about six chocolate chip in each cookies and she ate it all. I am not sure how many grams that is, as it is not my chocolate chip.

Not wanting to take any risk, I bought Twinkle to the vet. They need to make her vomit out the food, so that hopefully the toxic can come out too. After which they made her eat some charcoal stuffs which is to absorb the toxic that is already in her body. Initially they suggested to hospitalize her. The Estimate cost is around $400 USD lor. So I called dear dear to discuss first. But he did not answer the phone. Think he is busy at work. So I ask the vet if it is necessary for her to be hospitalize. She said it is best for her. Then I was thinking that Twinkle will be better at home, cos if she is hospitalized, she will be caged up, and I think it will be even worse. So they gave her a fluid shot, instead of on fluid the whole day, and I took her home. The doctor said to moniter her, if she vomit or have diarrea, give him a call or bring her to the vet.

Once she reached home, she drank a lot of water. Then she went to the toilet. Then she went to drink water again. She really drink a lot of water. She keep on going to the toilet, and there is large pool of pee. I have to keep on mopping the floor and changing the newspaper. We had to buy medication for her too. Dear dear went to the pharmacy to get it when he came back from work. The medication is for stomach upset.

Now six days has passed, and I am glad that she is as healthy as she can be, no vomit or diarrea or anything. Really give me a scare. Now must really make sure that no food is reachable for her, no matter how impossible it may seem for her. Food is a big motivation for her. Nothing she won't do for it. Haha, except when she is at unfamiliar grounds.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Twinkle's Escape

Twinkle is so naughty and cute at the same time. Sometimes I just can't stand her, cos she is too cute already. I was just planning to go to the post office, was carrying quite a bit of items and was just going to get out of the house, then Twinkle escape! She run off. Then I put down my boxes and stuff and went to catch up with her. Guess where I found her? She was standing beside our car. As if saying that she wants to go out. She is so funny. So clever can recognize the car. She likes going out too much already. If I tried to bluff twinkle back into the house, its going to take me quite some time and I dun have time as the post office is going to close soon, so I had no choice but to run back quickly to my house to get my stuffs. Twinkle was still waiting for me beside the car. Really can't stand her. She is just too cute and naughty. Then I bring Twinkle to the post office too. She was so heavy then I still have to carry her and my stuffs to be sent. Still have to write custom form so more. Twinkle make me so mar fan, but at the same time I just love her to bits. Then now whenever i want to go out, she wants to rush out too already, cos one time she rush out then I bring her go out.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Eve

My first Christmas Tree! Its only US$35 at Wal-mart. So cheap, in Singapore below $100 cannot get a tree one lor. Haha. Celebrating the festival here is so fun. :) So many things can buy to decorate the house. But I will miss Chinese New Year! No good food to eat! All the goodies. Pineapple tarts, love letters and so many yummy stuffs that cant be found here. I miss my grandma's curry too! Yummy. Argh, cant bear to think of it now already. Am drooling right now.

Haha. Look at Twinkle in a Santa Claus's clothing trying to look cool. She is so cute. Her head is too big, the cap cannot fit in. Think this photo is so artistic. :)