Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend trip at Los Angeles (3)

On our Second day, its Disneyland's time! Before we set out for Disneyland, we had breakfast at our hotel, Lemon Tree. We had some cereal and yogurt.

The drive to Disneyland is only about five mins away, the parking system over here is quite amazing, as there is so many ppl, its like you have to queue to park, there will be someone directing you where to park. The parking lot is neatly packed with cars. So the car in front of you will be parked next to you. Its so systematic. But the parking is quite expensive. After which we took a tram to the entrance of Disneyland. Look at the cap that my Dear Dear is wearing, its a CK cap that we bought at Desert Hill. It only last for a few hours. Hehe. Entering into Disneyland, we explored around, its so huge. We went on our first ride in Disneyland. Its like those flight simulator, Dear Dear put his cap on his knee, then at the end of the ride, it was nowhere to be found. we tried to search for it, but could not find it, then we got to exit fast, as the next group of people are coming to take the ride. Its gone just like that. So fast. Later on during the day, we bought another cap that is also nice, 'the grumpy cap'.

Look, my ears are about just as big as Jumbo.

Lunch Time! The food here is so good! Yummy Yummy! The style is abit like food court, where is self service, but the food is really amazing. I think its the tastiest food i have taste since i reach US. We had pasta and salad. The portion is so big. Luckily we only took one pasta to share and we already ate till very full.

There are lots of shops in Disneyland, and almost everyone of them has something that is different from the other shops, so its not like everything is the same, unlike universal world in australia. We had lots of fun exploring the shops and trying out all the stuffs there. like this super big hat that the whole face can go it. My Dear Dear look so funny in that.

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