Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bath and Art!

Can you believe this is a body polish? It looks so yummy!!! How about some Apple Cinnamon Crisp Sugar and Oatmeal Body Polish by battysbath that smells so good to make your body soft and silky? You would be able to get these goodies from Battysbath's store. This sweet smelling dessert bath polish is made with two naturally exfoliating ingredients - Sugar and Oatmeal. I love how Battysbath uses natural ingredients and is earth friendly. There is really some yummy goodness in there. Yum. I shall go find something to eat after this.

As you can see, I am a lover of fine food, especially dessert. This art print really caught my eyes. What's better than a cup of coffee or tea to enjoy with a plate of dessert. This art prints spells modern and relaxation for me. I can totally imagine this art print in my little corner in my future house where I enjoy a drink and dessert to relax. This art print is available from Licorice Prints.

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Ashley from Sloanbook said...

That body polish looks very interesting to me in a good way, hehe :)