Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Its been about two weeks plus since i have been here in Arizona. We have more or less settled down already.

Now we are anxiously waiting for our shipment to arrive! Cant wait for all the yummy stuffs and Chilli that we had shipped over to arrive.

Its quite boring now as I am stuck in the house. Without a car here, you really can't get anywhere. We got to quickly get a license and a car soon!
We just passed our basic theory test last sat. Now we just had to learn the practical and passed it. Plus with a car, we will have freedom! We can go everywhere we wanna go and can start exploring. Now during the weekends we usually will have to buy groceries to top up our fridge and go wherever his friends are going.

Two days ago, a friend just took us out to practice and to teach us driving skills. Its Fun, Exciting and stressful and the same time. It's the first time I moved a car! Haha. Lol. We practice at a parking lot just practicing turning around. Hehe. Cant wait to explore Arizona.

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