Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yeah. Doesn't Twinkle look so cute in this tiny top? Haha. Just bought this beautiful top to keep her warm when she is cold. But its kinda small. She is too fat now to fit nicely into it. Guess now I need to stop thinking that Twinkle is still small. Next time need to buy large for her.

She is still as naughty as ever. There was this time I just went out for a while to throw the rubbish. When I come back, she is not at the door as usual to wait for me to come back. Then I quickly went to check on her, afraid that something happen to her or what. Then I saw her with her mouth dirty. She overturned the bin while I was away. Luckily just a bit of stuffs came out. Don't know what she ate also. Maybe carrots as her mouth is like orange in color.

Oh, Then there was this time she ate Steak lor! She naughty naughty, cant resist food. That greedy gal. Haha. Hehe, We bought steak that is microwavable, then I don't like it. There is lots of prepared food over here that just need to microwave. The first week we are here we just eat microwavable food or pizza that needs to be baked, cos our shipment has not arrived yet. It was terrible. Any way, the steak is not nice, so i threw it away. And then I forgot to keep the bin while I went to visit my neighbours. When I came back, the bin is overturned and the steak is gone! So thats her dinner already. So much meat! Hehe. Then just gave her a bit of her dog food.

Oh Yeah, then there is a good news, Yesterday my husband, Edwin, took the driving lesson, then today took the road test, and he passed it! Yeah. He got his license already. After he came back from passing the test, the GPS that we ordered was delivered. Yeah, Its so great, everything came together. Then the owner of the car that we are interested in finally gives him a car and arranged to meet on this Sat to test drive and everything. Hopefully we will be able to get that car, as there are other people who are interested also. Cant wait to get a car, then can finally go out on our own. Don't want to depend on other people anymore. We can go where ever we wanna go once we got a car. Then I can practise driving when we got a car. So exciting. Can't wait!

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