Friday, June 13, 2008

The before and after look of Twinkle's gromming. Hehe. :) Today we brought Twinkle to the grommer. Her fur is too long already and its about time she got a haircut. :) I had to take longer time to dry her hair now that its longer and her hair is covering her eyes, so cannot see her cute face clearly. Its her first time going to the Grommer. In Singapore, she was always grommed by us. We were told that it will take about four hours. Thats really long compared to Singapore. Then my husband and me decided to catch a movie while waiting for Twinkle. Half way into the show, my phone rang. I answered the phone but speak very softly. The person did not say anthing much. I have no idea who it was and was afraid if its the grommer and I got worried about Twinkle.

So after the movie, we went to check on Twinkle. She was nowhere to be found. The grommer says Twinkle is ok and she did not call me. Then we heard Twinkle's barking. Think she saw us and started barking. Then we say her. She was inside one of the cage waiting for her turn to get her haircut. After we had lunch and visited the bookstore, its about time to fetch Twinkle. We saw her in the cage waiting for us to fetch her. She looks different. We had to go to the register to pay first. Then as I turn around to go back to the Gromming Salon. Twinkle was out already with dear dear! She looks so cute. They even tied two ribbons on her hair! Haha. So unexpected and nice. :) I think they put purple ribbons to match her collar and lease too. Hehe. So nice. :) She was all clean up, hair neatly done, nails clipped, tooth brushed clean and her fur is so soft. Haha. Love it, but got to get used to it though. She had a teddy bear head cut as they called it in the receipt. So cute! Her body's fur is short and her head and tail's fur is long. Haha. Now she looks not as fat as when her fur is long. Haha.

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