Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yeah! My Dear dear is coming back from Canada after two weeks! He will be coming home tomorrow at night. So poor thing, after the plane touch down, still got to stay back and work. :( But most probably he will have Monday off. Yeah, then at least we will still have our weekend, if not we only left one day, as sat is totally burned already.

We had a lovely supper the day before he left for Canada. Our favourite chocolate fondue! Yummy Yummy, with chips, bread, mashmellow and fruits for dipping. It was fantastic, completed with a bottle of white wine. But I could only have one glass. I only took a sip I think and my whole face was red already. Haha. We could not finish the bottle of Wine, but we managed to finish the fondue, which we thought was quite a bit initially. Yeah. Desserts for me anytime man! We Love Chocolate!

My dear dear actually bought flowers for me on that day, which is totally unexpecected. Hehe, so sweet of him. :) Yeah, now that he is going to be back, I will have motivation to cook nice nice food again. Haha, or should I say experiments? Hehe. Yeah, cant wait for tomorrow to come. :)

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