Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Twinkle's Health Scare!

When I woke up in the morning, I found the containers that I used to contain the new year goodies that me and the gals made on the floor. There is nothing left in the containers already, except for one pineapple tart. Then a sudden realization hit me. Inside the container is chocolate chip cookies, and Twinkle ate it all! I was really scared, because chocolate is really dangerous for dogs. It can even caused death. So I am really scared. I scare I will lose twinkle. Chocolate contains a chemical that is toxic for dogs, its like caffeine to them. The toxic level depends on the amount consume, type of chocolate and the weight of the dog. I quickly look up on the net for more information. I figure out that twinkle ate around 50 mini chocolate chips, as there are about six chocolate chip in each cookies and she ate it all. I am not sure how many grams that is, as it is not my chocolate chip.

Not wanting to take any risk, I bought Twinkle to the vet. They need to make her vomit out the food, so that hopefully the toxic can come out too. After which they made her eat some charcoal stuffs which is to absorb the toxic that is already in her body. Initially they suggested to hospitalize her. The Estimate cost is around $400 USD lor. So I called dear dear to discuss first. But he did not answer the phone. Think he is busy at work. So I ask the vet if it is necessary for her to be hospitalize. She said it is best for her. Then I was thinking that Twinkle will be better at home, cos if she is hospitalized, she will be caged up, and I think it will be even worse. So they gave her a fluid shot, instead of on fluid the whole day, and I took her home. The doctor said to moniter her, if she vomit or have diarrea, give him a call or bring her to the vet.

Once she reached home, she drank a lot of water. Then she went to the toilet. Then she went to drink water again. She really drink a lot of water. She keep on going to the toilet, and there is large pool of pee. I have to keep on mopping the floor and changing the newspaper. We had to buy medication for her too. Dear dear went to the pharmacy to get it when he came back from work. The medication is for stomach upset.

Now six days has passed, and I am glad that she is as healthy as she can be, no vomit or diarrea or anything. Really give me a scare. Now must really make sure that no food is reachable for her, no matter how impossible it may seem for her. Food is a big motivation for her. Nothing she won't do for it. Haha, except when she is at unfamiliar grounds.

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byrheea said...

OmG, I didn't know chocolates are harmful to dogs.. My mum's friend used to tell us her dog loves chocolate. I hope he is still healthy now.

My mum feed our dashund boy some charcoal medicine when he had stomach flu too. He recovered in no time :) Glad to know that Twinkle is fine now. Lock up all your cookies/ chocolate!