Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentine's Day

I am not able to spend Valentine's Day this year with my Dear. He would be away in Florida for detachment. We celebrated on Valentine's Day Eve instead. We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner after his work. Yeah, I don't need to cook, can relax. Cheesecake Factory's food is well beyond cheesecakes. They have such a wide variety, and so far everything that we had tried is fantastic. We ordered an appetizer and a main course. Crab Wantan and Black pepper shrimp with Banana and rice. Their portion is too big to order too much. We ate until very full till there is no more space for cheesecake. So we order the Cheesecake To Go, which is their term for our take away. Haha. It will be reserved for supper later.

The next day, which is on Valentine's Day. :( He would be flying to Florida for two weeks plus. We woke up very early, at five plus. not enough sleep. I am going to fetch him and his friend to base. I gave him his Valentine's gift in the morning (in the pictures) which is for him to bring to Florida. I baked heart shaped cookies dipped in chocolate and mini chocolate fudge cake for him. It took me two days and I got to quickly baked before he come back to work each time, cos its meant to be a surprise. Now whenever he is hungry at night, at least he got something ready to eat. :)

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