Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Day!

Yesterday was Earth Day! on 22nd April. It just so happened that I re-did my research for my english class and the topic that I decided on was global warming. Did anyone did something that is earth-loving would like to share? Hmm.. I guess for me is something really simple yet important as well. I am trying to minimize the energy wasted, I would switch off the lights when I am not using. It might sound simple, but it is a conscience choice to make. I had learnt some interesting things during my research that would help the earth. These includes: Walk or bike for transportation, as they don't generate CO2. I guess that does not really apply in singapore. Beef actually generates 11 times more greenhouse gases than chicken and 100 times more than carrots. mooo... Buy locally grown and organic foods if you can, as it save energy used for fertilizer, pesticides, transportation, and storage. Make your next car a high-milage model and drive less by carpooling or taking public transportation. Switch to Energy Star appliances.

Here are some beautiful handmade items that are made from recycled materials, you might want to check it out: (Twilight inspired pendent made from scrabble tiles.) (Oh my god, a ring made from a typewriter key, so amazing.) (For those who likes to sew, this is so lovely)

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