Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yeah! Freedom!

Yeah. Freedom. My weekends are back, no more spending it to do homework. Now I can relax and go out! I just finished my english paper today. The final exam is to write a five paragraph argumentative essay, and the topic is "Flag Burning". It is such a difficult topic, although research materials are provided, it is still not easy. We do not know much about the law in America, and thus reading about their First Amendment and Constitution takes up more time, as I need more time to digest the materials. A while into the finals, still reading the materials, our instructor told us that we need to evacuate out of the building, due to a chemical spill. I thought she is kidding, never would I expect this would happen when they brief us about safety on our first day. Plus, it happened in the middle of our finals! We had to take the stairs down out of the building and do our exam on the tables located outside. It's like so informal, no proper place to do our exam. Then the table so dirty. I dun want to place my paper on the table, so I got to put it on my lap to read it. Even the ambulance came, like so serious. After about 15 mins, we are able to go back to the building to finish the exam. It was pretty exciting. Lol. Too bad we still got to do the finals. Anyway, I am so glad it is over! Yeah. Will be free till June!

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