Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Element @ Vegas

Element @ Vegas is amazing, there is even a kitchen. Look at the design, it is so modern and nice. This is just the kitchen, the bathroom is very nicely designed too. Everything is very modern and chic in this hotel. There is even wii for the guest to play in the lounge area. The most important thing is that it allows pets! Which means we can bring twinkle to Vegas! :) I just can't bear to part with her. The breakfast is one of the best I had so far in the States, or maybe cos we are staying in a better hotel. They provide hot breakfast items, pancakes, sausage, scramble eggs. Delicious. There are three types of juices to choose from, cereals, muffins and smoothie. Dalphane told me there are even burgers, but we probably did not wake up early enough to see that. Haha.

On the first morning at Elements, we experience an false alarm at Element. Haha. It was an interesting and kinda stupid experience. Haha. We were awoke in the morning by a very loud irritating sound. I was wondering what is it, still in a blur state of mind, as I was still half asleep. Then my husband told me that it was the fire alarm. Then we quickly took twinkle and went out of the room. We quickly went down the hallway and went in the direction of the stairs, I was thinking why not take the lift as it was nearer, then my husband say "in case of fire, do not take the lift." So clever. :) So we went down the stairs, and there was already a lot of people waiting there. We just waited there for our friends to come down too and to see what's going on.

After about ten mins, a cue was given that everything is fine and we could go back to our room. So i asked the hotel staff is it a false alarm. Guess what was the cause of the fire alarm? A Toaster! Wahhaha. So funny and stupid at the same time. Someone had put butter to toast together with the bread, and caused smoke to come out of the toaster. We went back to our room to get much need rest, and just before the breakfast end, we went for breakfast, and guess what. The toaster is "out of order". Lol.

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