Thursday, September 3, 2009

Florida Vacation!!!

The highlight of the second day of our Florida vacation is shopping and a lobster feast dinner. The main goal of the day's shopping is to buy more shorts and skirts, so that I can wear those on the cruise. I am not going to wear jeans when I am on the beach, and it was so hot and sunny. It will be crazy to wear those. After shopping, we meet Linda and Jia Min for dinner. They actually came to florida a few days earlier than us, and we decided to meet for dinner. We went to Boston Lobster Feast for buffet. It was expensive. Around $35 per person. I am not really a seafood person, and I eat really slow, so buffet is not so suitable for me. Haha. I would say that it is not really worth it to eat there. The food is average, I find only the fried scallop is nice. Yummy. But I would not go there again. I could eat something really nice with that amount of money.