Thursday, October 8, 2009


I finally had time to blog after my last paper today! This week's focus will be on Accessories, based on your choice.

This lovely coin purse caught by eyes. I love the sweet fabric on the purse and it looks just too cute to resist. I love all things tiny, and this is just right for me. This coin purse would really prevent my wallet from bursting. By putting all your coins in this coin purse, it will be easier to get your coins out for your payment, so that you will not collect one big bag of coins. This is so pretty to carry around that I would want to use it all the time. You can get this purse from LittlePrettIings. I was also pleasantly surprise that LittlePrettlings is from Singapore too, as I am a Singaporean too! I miss home, and I am glad my sister is here to visit to bring me a piece of home for a while. My sister is here to visit me with her boyfriend. Now that I had finished my exam, we will be going for tour this weekend, just in time for Columbus Day! Yeah. Time to spend money again. Next week she will fly back from Vegas. Looking forward to it. A few more days.

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Rheea said...

Hey Juliet,

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. Welcome back to your homeland anytime! :)