Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arts and Pets!

I love love this art print by SimplyCutebyKarin. I can see this print in my baby's nursery room (that is if I have a nursery room). Sadly, my house won't be ready in another one or two years. I love the colors. It is so clean and bright. It will make any room seems cheery. If you look at her shop, you will find lots of prints with dogs and cats in it, and the shop says so much about her. It is just so homely, especially Cute Girl and Yellow Dog Art Print. I love how the print says so much about the artist. It just makes it so much more fun. The artist has two Labrador retrievers and one sassy cat. That explains the cats and dogs in the prints. Her labrador eats soap, how weird and cute. Haha. My Maltese loves to eat my Lipbalm, so I always have to make sure I don't keep it lying around, or I will need to get a new one the next day.

This Dog Jacket from ShopKCQ is so sweet! I love the colors and the Jacket looks so comfortable. I am sure my dog, Twinkle, would look so pretty and sweet in this jacket. This cute wool jacket is made entirely from vintage kimono fabrics imported from Japan. This is what I found out about the dog in the picture. "Udon is an adopted scruffy, mischievous Toy Poodle who loves to wreak havoc and then cuddle afterward". Her name is Udon, how cute! She modeled so perfectly.

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