Sunday, May 18, 2008

Finally, I am able to upload this photo. Took me so many days to upload this, and finally it works. Haha. Yeah. This is our new car! and I got a good news. I got my license already. :) Haha. It only took two days. Its so fast to learn driving here. The first day i learn driving was so scary. We drove around the neighbour hood area and was going 35 miles/hr. I thought its super fast already and feel a bit hard to control, then we learn turning, and changing lanes. The most scary part was changing lanes where I have to look at the mirror and check blind spots and all that. I was so nervous that when I check the mirror, I was just checking for the sake of checking, I don't even know what i was looking at. That was so dangerous, Hehe.

The second day of learning was much better, I was able to breath much better. Haha, althought we had to travel a lot further. I drove for about 45 mins before we reach ABC Driving School then the instructor guide me the route for the road test, then after that she told me to practise, but that was actually the test itself, and then I got my license already. Amazing right. So fast. When I got back, I was so tired and my whole arms was aching as I was holding the steering wheel so tightly. I still need to practise a lot more to drive better.

Today my Dear Dear went for his detachment at Canada, and I will be alone with Twinkle for two weeks. Gee, then today I drove out to the nearest store with two of my friends to shop. We cant stand staying at home the whole day during the weekends. It was kinda scary because two of us just got our license not long ago and one without license. Hehe. It was so stressful, must make sure we stay safe. Need more practise to get better. :)

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