Sunday, May 25, 2008

We saw Chilli Cheese Fries at Carls Junior. We should have known better to expect that it would be spicy. Haha. It wasn't even spicy and chessy at all. Guess what it taste like? To me, it taste like spagetti sauce. Hmmm.. So disappointing. I miss KFC Cheese Fries so much. Yummy yummy. The KFC over here don't have cheese fries. :( Singapore fast food is so much better! Although it originated from US. Even Popeye taste nicer in Singapore. :( Guess Singapore cater to our taste more. I miss mac nuggets with curry sauces. :( No curry sauce here. There is A&W here though, but i have yet to try. One good thing is that they have french toast over here at BK for breakfast, which i used to love in Singapore until they took it off the menu. But the hash brown over here is so oily. Not nice. :( I miss Singapore's Food! Can only get to eat again after two years. :(

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