Monday, May 26, 2008

Yeah. Today we went swimming for the first time. So shiok! Its so relaxing. Just a few steps away to the swimming pool. It is not very big though, not as big as I expected it to big. Haha. Then in the middle of the pool is 5 feet high. I am only 5.18 Feet tall. Haha. So if I am to stand on two feet on the bottom of the pool, half of my face will disappear. Haha. I am so short. :( It was hot and cold throughout this swimming experience. Haha. We went to the Jacuzzi at first and the water is super hot. Woah, burning. So got to go in slowly. Until we cant take i anymore, then we went to the normal swimming pool. Haha. It was cold when we went in cos of the differences in temperature. haha. So in and out we went. From Hot to cold and to Hot. When we came out of the pool and the wind blows, it was super cold! Until we are dried, then we lay back and relax to sun tan. Its so relaxing. Just like we are on a Holiday. Haha. The ones in the Photo with me are my new found friends, Shirley in the Centre and Eunice on the right (She lives just opposite me). Without our husbands by our side now, while they are in Canada and working, we got to depend and support each other already. During these two weeks, We spent almost everyday together, planning things to do, trying to keep ourselves occupied. Luckily for them, if not my days over here will be so boring. We cant wait for these two weeks to end, as we miss our husband so much!

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