Friday, May 30, 2008

This is Twinkle's favourite hobby! Haha. Looking out of the window! She is just so adorable. She loves looking at the scenery outside and watching all the cars go past. Hehe, and whenever any strangers walk past. She will keep on barking at them, which sometimes scares me, especially at night, but when she barks at least I am aware that someone is nearby.

Now, whenever we are going out and she knows that she can't go, she will straight away climb onto the sofa and look out of the window to say good bye to us. :) Then we will walk past the window to say goodbye to her. Once we are out of sight already, then she will start barking, so poor thing. :(

Now, I have a tentacy to briefly look at our window whenever I drive past our house to see if Twinkle is there looking out. Which is kinda dangerous, but i cant help it. Hee. Cant help looking at my darling. BUt only when there is no other cars already. Twinkle is getting more "guai" already. Usually, after bringing her for her weekly walks, I will bath her after that. In Singapore and initially over here, she don't like to bath, I have to go and catch her to bring her to the toilet, but last week after her walk she actually come to the bathroom herself as she knows that its time for her bath without me carrying her to the bathroom. She will stand near the bathtub waiting for me to bath her.

Then yesterday after her walk, she shocked me. Lol. She stand near the bathtub waiting for me to bath her, then I saw her actually jump inside the bathtub herself! Wah! I never knew a dog could do that. Haha. Lol. Its like jumping into a big hold. I find it very amazing, specially for Twinkle! Guess she is beginning to like bathing more and more. Haha.

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